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History of Capel Soar 

The original Capel Soar, built in 1846, was located slightly to the north of the current chapel, on the site of the present 'Llwyntryfer'. During the National Revival of 1904-5, which saw a surge in religious fervour across Wales, nearly 500 new chapels were constructed or rebuilt. Soar was one of these, with a generous donation of land from the congregation leading to the construction of the present chapel building. The building is a typical example of the style and form of chapels built during this period, featuring a central doorway flanked originally by two full-height windows. Upon entering, visitors would have seen three banks of pews, separated by two aisles, and the sedd fawr (big seat) and pulpit at the opposite end.

Capel Soar Self Catering Holiday Home History

Book online for Capel Soar, self-catering holiday home, Snowdonia, North Wales.

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